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Lundy, Isle of Avalon by Les Still ePublished by Mystic Realms

Lundy, Isle of Avalon

 Elen / Helen / Elaine

   Lundy, Isle of Avalon         Gods, Saints and Heroes

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These are the various avatars of Elen, encountered during the writing of Lundy, Isle of Avalon



St. Endelient / Endelion.

 One of the many saintly children of Brychan who colonised North Devon. St. Endelient is said to have been a god-daughter of King Arthur. She is said to have been buried at St.Endelion in the church dedicated to her. Virtually nothing is known of her life. There is a chapel at Tregony where she reputedly lived. The respected local historian Dr. W.G.Hoskins is among those who identify the St. Elen of the North Devon church dedications with St. Endelient or Endelienta, one of the children of Brychan. 



Arthur had three sisters, Elaine who married King Nentres of Garlot, Morgause who married King Lot of Lothian and Orkney - mother of Gawain and Mordred, and Morgan le Fay who wed ( King) Urien, and gave birth to a son,  Ivaine (,Owain, Owein, Ewayne ); who thus enjoyed the high status of being Arthur's sister's son.


Elen Luydavc - Helen of the Hosts

'Elen Luydavc' -'Elen Luydogg' - 'Helen of the Hosts,' appears in the 'Breudwt Maxen.' She is associated with the Roman Roads in Wales known to this day as 'Sarn(au) Helen'. 


St. Helena

St. Helena, the mother of Constantine the Great and traditionally the discoverer of the True Cross while on a pilgrimage to Jerusalem. 

There is no direct evidence to indicate a connection between St. Helena and Britain, yet the tradition is well established not only in early welsh writings but in early English sources as well.

 Henry of Huntingdon in his ( Hist. Angl. I ). written circa 1129 records that 'Helena the mother of Constantine was a daughter of Coel' ( King Cole ), an early ruler of Colchester.  

Geoffrey of Monmouth repeated this legend. Strangely, Constantine the Great was responsible for widespread scheme of renovation and repair to the Roman roads in Britain.

Sozomen, Eclles.Hist.,lib.c.v.- 'It is well known the great Constantine received his Christian education in Britain.'

Melancthon, Epistola, p.189. - 'Helen was unquestionably a British princess.'

Polydore Vergil -Historia Brit.,p.381 -"Constantine, born in Britain, of a British mother, proclaimed Emperor in Britain beyond doubt, made his native soil a participator in his glory.

'St.HELEN - (constant.) ancestor of Uther Pendragon.




Arianrhod is said to have had three sisters who lived with her in a castle in the sea

They were named GWEN or GWENNAN, MAELAN and ELEN.


Ynys Elen

possibly an old name for Lundy island.



Elen, A princess, said by Geoffrey of Monmouth to have been ravished on Mont St. Michel by a Spanish giant. She was either the sister or daughter of one of Arthur's companions, Howel. 


Elaine of Astolat

The Lady of Shalott

'And at the closing of the day, 

she loosed the chain and down she lay.

 The broad stream bore her far away

The Lady of Shalott.'

Read her story in  Tennyson's Lady of Shalott


Elaine of Corbenic

Galahad, the purest knight, is the son of Lancelot and Elaine of Corbenic, daughter of King Pelles, who is descended from Bron the brother in law of Joseph of Arimathea.

 Like Arthur Galahad is conceived under an enchantment when Elaine ensorcelles Lancelot into thinking she is Guinevere.


Alain, Alein, Helains

From the Grail Legends Alain was the nephew or grandson of Joseph of Arimathea. Son of Bron - father of Perceval. - grail-keeper.  - ancestor of Ygerne and Arthur.

also known as 'Galains'

Laurence Gardner in his book 'The Bloodline of the Holy Grail' says that 'Later, the first born son of Jesus Justus was Galains ( called Alain in the Grail Tradition.)'

[according to Gardner Jesus Justus was the eldest son Of Jesus the Christ]



ancestor of king Lot.



Name for Lundy  - The name 'Ely' for Lundy was used in the grant of Lundy Island to William de Marisco in 1194. It is used again in 1195. In 1202 under John it becomes 'Hely.' Later in 1219 the entry 'insula de Ely' has been struck out and replaced by 'Lundeia.'



Son of Gwyn 

Companion to Welsh Bran.

(The one who opens the door towards Cornwall in the story of Branwen.)

Eluned / Eiliwedd / Elined

Daughter of Brychan - Welsh Christian martyr. Supposed by some to be Luned in Owain and the lady of the Fountain.



also The 'Heel' or 'Hele' stone at Stonehenge. 



The daughter of Athamas and Nephele in Jason and the Golden fleece.



 The sister of Gawain in the 'Didot Percival.'



Queen of Brittany, wife of King Ban, and natural mother of Lancelot


the Emperor Constantine and Helen.

 'Constantine was all this and more - by his mother's side he was the heir and representative of the royal Christian dynasty of Britain.' Origen, 

Psalm clix. -AD 230 - 'The divine goodness of our Lord and Saviour is equally diffused among the Britons, the Africans, and other nations of the world.'

'...the Emperor Constantine. Son of Constantius and Helen, a British lady, he spent some time in Britain. On his father's death he was proclaimed Emperor by his legions.'

'Constantine's achievements were long dominated the traditions of Britain for many ages..It gave the island a special interest in the Christian faith, and a pride that Britain, through Constantine and his mother Helena, had played a part in the foundation of the universal church.' from 'Arthur,Roman Britain's last Champion'

(Constantine) finally ended the long period of hostility between the Christian Church and the Roman State, which had reached it's climax in the Great Persecution pursued with greater or lesser intensity between 303 and 312 AD

"A third-century mosaic from the Mausoleum of the Julii underneath present-day St. Peter's in Rome actually portrays Jesus as Sol Invictus, driving the horses of the sun's chariot. That Constantine himself mixed Christianity and the Sol Invictus cult is clear form a second commemorative medallion issued by him within two years of the first, on which he represented himself with a Chi-Rho monogram on his helmet, and with a leaping Sol chariot below. "It was only when he was approaching death that he asked for, or was accepted for, Christian baptism. As was still the custom, he received this naked, thereafter renouncing forever the purple of his imperial rank." - Ian Wilson, Jesus, The Evidence

'a tradition that Buck's Mill Church (once called Walland Carey) had a connection with Celtic King Coel.'

"the 12thC. English writer Henry of Huntingdon E.Anglian trad.that Helena was the daughter of a Brit.king called Coel. from 'Candle in the dark'


Eilean Dubh - the dark isle



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