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Lundy, Isle of Avalon

Lundy, Isle of Avalon Lundy, Isle of Avalon Lundy, Isle of Avalon Lundy, Isle of Avalon Lundy, Isle of Avalon Lundy, Isle of Avalon Lundy, Isle of Avalon

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Arthur, the rightful king   "The earliest full stories concerning King Arthur and his exploits appear to be the little known Welsh tales of "Culhwch and Olwen" and the "Dream of Rhonabwy". Though dating from before the 11th century, these two stories became a late attachment to a collection of Welsh mythological tales taken from the 14th century White Book of Rhydderch and Red Book of Hergest. Together, they are known as the "Mabinogion": an introduction for aspiring poets. Though the stories have a mythological slant, a certain amount of bardic poetic license is to be expected. Their background, however, is clearly an unfamiliar Dark Age society that gives us some idea of what the real Arthur was probably like" .....   read more

Atlantis, the Lost Land  All of our information about Atlantis comes from just one source...  read more

Lundy, Isle of Avalon   The Avalon of later Arthurian legends was known as Annwn to the earlier Celts. Geoffrey Archer writes - "Various hills and islands are access to Annwn. An Otherworld or underworld of Welsh legend, one of the many survivals from pagan Celtic Mythology. The most important hill is Glastonbury, the most important island is Lundy".....  read more

Stonehenge    Around 2000 BC, when the priests in Babylon were conducting, and recording, their observations of the celestial bodies, the building of the first phase of Stonehenge was begun..... read more

The Knights Templar     Sometime between 1110 and 1120, in the aftermath of the First Crusade, a small group of knights  vowed to devote their lives to the protection of pilgrims in the Holy Land. The King of Jerusalem, Baldwin II, granted them the use of a captured mosque built on Temple Mount in Jerusalem, the site of the ancient Temple of Solomon. From this they became known as the Knights Templar....   read more


Arthurian and other Texts  

A selection of older Arthurian and other texts for your further reading including Alfred, Lord Tennyson - The Idylls of the King, Le Morte D'Arthur - Thomas Malory, Sir Gawain and the Green knight - Jesse Weston, The Mabinogion, Perlesvaus or The High History of the Holy Grail, Gildas De Excidio Britonum also Stonehenge and Other British Stone Monuments Astronomically Considered by Norman Lockyer and  Timaeus by Plato - In which the author introduces the world to more



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Lundy  Lundy island stands in the mouth of the Bristol Channel, thirteen miles NNW of Hartland Point on the North Devon coast and thirty two mile SSE of St.Govan's Head on the Welsh more


The Holy Grail 'The Grail may be described as the dish from which Christ ate the Passover Lamb at the Last Supper; or as the chalice of the first sacrament, in which later the saviour's blood was caught as it flowed from his wounded body; or as a stone with a miraculous feeding and youth preserving virtues; or as a salver containing a man's head, swimming in blood. It may be borne through a castle hall by a beautiful damsel; or it may float through the air in Arthur's castle, veiled in white samite, or it may be placed on a table in the East, together with a fresh caught fish, and serve as a talisman to distinguish the chaste from the unchaste. It's custodian may be called Bron or Ansfortas or Pelles or Joseph of Arimathea or simply called the Fisher King. He may be sound of wind and limb or wounded in the genitals. The hero who achieves the quest may be the notoriously amorous Gawain or the virgin more


Gods, Saints and Heroes   In Greek mythology Apollo was the son of the god Zeus and  Leto, both children of Titans. Apollo was not a native Greek god. His cult and that of his twin sister Artemis were imported from the north. His name Apollo (Apple -Man) is understood to be derived from the Celtic word 'Abal' - apple ( as is Avalon). Apollo was a gifted musician, who delighted the gods with his performance on the more


Celestial Stuff  The scientific study of the orientation of the remains of temples and other sites in the Middle East and Europe, including the pyramids of Egypt, began early last century. With his pioneering work on Stonehenge in the late 19th century Sir Norman Lockyer brought this and other megalithic monuments under scrutiny. .... read more Stonehenge and Other British Stone Monuments Astronomically Considered by Norman Lockyer


Historical Stuff  In ancient, and not so ancient, times the mines of south-western Britain were the source of the world's supply of tin and the coming of the Phoenicians to Cornwall to trade for tin is well attested to.  Most historians, Sir John Evans and Lord Avebury among them, believe that the trade existed as early as 1500 BC.  With trade also go ideas, colonists, travellers, refugee more


The Romans - In 43 AD the Emperor Claudius despatched Aulus Plautius with four legions, the IInd Augusta, the XIVth Gemina, the XXth Valeria and the IXth Hispana, and an equal number of auxiliaries to invade and conquer Britain.  Little realising that on this island Roman traditions and values would be preserved long after the rest of the empire, indeed even the eternal city, Rome, had succumbed to the barbarians...... Read More


Mythological Stuff  'For a culture to whom the timing of seasonal events was particularly important, the culture which produced Stonehenge, for example, the observation of heavenly bodies was a central part of their religious ceremonies. Any place which possessed such alignments was holy. The movements of heavenly bodies is regular and can be calculated and thus predicted. Throughout time the coincidence of a sunrise or sunset with a natural feature such as a mountain or an island has always been, and indeed still is, awe inspiring. Any site which possessed such an alignment was a natural indicator of a heavenly event and thus sacred' more


Mystical Places   'Many of the islands off the west coast of Britain, including Lundy, were known to the Celts as 'Isles of the Dead'. They were regarded as holy islands which formed gateways to the otherworld and to which the illustrious dead were ferried, there to be buried with solemn rite amid the spirits of their forefathers' more


St. Michael Lines 'A High rocky place on the top whereof stands a church, full bleak and weather beaten, all alone, as it were forgotten.' more




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