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Plato's Timaeus

Plato's Timaeus

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by Plato

Translated by Benjamin Jowett


The full text of Timaeus by Plato, translated by Benjamin Jowett, with an introduction and an analysis of the text by the translator

Introduction by Benjamin Jowett


Timaeus by Plato

Translators analysis

(1) an outline of the dialogue

(2) The aspects of nature which presented themselves to Plato and his age, and the elements of philosophy which entered into the conception of them.

(3) The theology and physics of the Timaeus, including the soul of the world, the conception of time and space, and the composition of the element.

(4) The Platonic astronomy, and the position of the earth.

(5) the psychology of Plato.

(6) the physiology of Plato.

(7) Plato's analysis of the senses.

(8) In what points Plato approaches or anticipates the discoveries of modern science.

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