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Lundy, Isle of Avalon by Les Still ePublished by Mystic Realms

Lundy, Isle of Avalon

Jason and the Golden Fleece

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The adventures of Jason and the Argonauts and their search for the Golden Fleece is one of many legends concerning a heroic quest for a golden apple.

The Greek word for sheep - 'melon'-  can also mean apple

The Golden Fleece' can be translated as  'The Golden Apple'

The adventures of Jason in Colchis are almost identical with that of Hercules in the Hesperides and also with that of Siegfried. 

All three fight a serpent dragon

The prize a golden treasure.



The legend of Jason and the Golden Fleece.

King Athamas and his queen, Nephele, had two children, a son, Phryxus, and a daughter, Helle. When the King put away his queen and took another, Mercury gave a ram with a golden fleece to Nephele to carry her children to safety. 

On arriving in the kingdom of Colchis, Phryxus somewhat ungratefully I feel, sacrificed the ram and gave the Golden Fleece to the king of Colchis, Aeetes. The Golden Fleece was placed, by the king, in a consecrated grove, where it was guarded by a dragon who never slept.When King Aeson abdicated and passed the crown to his half - brother Pelias, it was intended that the son and heir of Aeson, Jason, would become king when he grew up. When Jason laid claim to the throne Pelias convinced him to go in quest of the golden Fleece, claiming it to be the rightful property of their family, but privately Pelias intended to send Jason to his death. 

Jason's Ship Argo Leaving Ancient Corinth in the Quest for the Golden Fleece - Giclee Print
Jason's Ship Argo Leaving Ancient Corinth in the Quest for the Golden Fleece

Jason assembled a crew of adventures and they set sail in the Argos. Among the 'Argonauts,' as the company became called, were several of the young men who went on to become heroes and demigods of Greek Mythology; Hercules, Orpheus, Thesues and Nestor.

After a perilous voyage the Argonauts landed in Colchis, the country whose king Aeetes possessed the Golden Fleece. King Aetes agreed to give the fleece to Jason, but only after he had yoked to a plough two fire-breathing bulls with brazen feet. Then he must sow the teeth of the dragon which Cadmus had slain from which a crop of armed men would spring up and slay their producer. 

Jason and Medea - Giclee Print
Jason and Medea

Jason and MedeaJason gained the aid of the princess Medea, whom the goddess Hera / Hecate had caused to fall in love with him Jason fulfilled the tasks. After stealing the Fleece from the dragon which guarded it, Jason returned with Medea to Greece. Where he presented the fleece to Pelias.



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