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Lancelot / Lancelot du Lac

Lancelot was the son of King Ban of Benwick and the cousin of Bors. Lancelot is sometimes known as du Lac because he was raised in the Otherworldly realm of the Ladies of the Lake.

The earliest written Arthurian romances are a series of 12th-century poems by Chrétien de Troyes. 'Lancelot, The Knight of the Cart' introduces Lancelot, Arthur's chief knight and his rival for the love of Guinevere. Guinevere and Lancelot fall for each other soon after the latter arrives at Camelot when Lancelot takes over the role of Queen's champion from Gawain. Lancelot's first adventure is to rescue the abducted queen.

"The Queste is part of the compilation called the Prose Lancelot (1215-1230), which deals with the adventures of Lancelot and his love affair with Guinevere. There are warnings in the Lancelot that his adultery with Guinevere will debar him from achieving the Grail, and the author of the Queste invented a new character as the Grail-winner, Galahad, who was 'so grounded in the love of Christ that no adventure could tempt him into sin." - Richard Cavendish, "Grail", Man, Myth & Magic, An Illustrated Encyclopaedia of the Supernatural, Vol. 9

 Lancelot fathered Galahad after an affair with Elaine of Corbenic who tricked him by assuming the guise of Guinevere. Later Elaine of Astolat, the Lady of Shalott, died of unrequited love for Lancelot. Lancelot rejected both ladies because of his adulterous love for Arthur's queen Guinevere.

Lancelot takes part in the Quest for the Holy Grail but his love for Guinevere prohibits him from attaining the Holy Grail.

When their affair is 'discovered' by Mordred, Guinevere is sentenced to death, then rescued by Lancelot and Bors, and subsequently Lancelot flees into exile. This starts the chain of events that bring an end to the age of Arthur.

On Arthur's passing Guinevere retires into religious seclusion and Lancelot retires to a hermitage (as does Bedivere).

According to the noted authority  Prof. R.S.Loomis Lancelot's family tree starts with a heathen king Evalach and his brother in law Seraphe. On their conversion to Christianity they take the names of Mordrain and Nasciens. from Nasciens- Celidoine, Marpus, Nasciens II, Alain le Gros, Ysaies or Helyas, Jonas, Lancelot I, Ban, Lancelot II (Arthur's) and Galahad His mother is named as either Argante (Arianrhod )or Helen / Elaine



The Triads -  Three Knights of Battle were in the court of Arthur

"Three Knights of Battle were in the court of Arthur: Cadwr the Earl of Cornwall, Launcelot du Lac, and Owain the son of Urien. And this was their characteristic,- that they would not retreat from battle, neither for spear, nor for arrow, nor for sword. And Arthur never had shame in battle the day he saw their faces there. And they were called the Knights of Battle."  - Welsh Triads


Knighted by King Arthur, Sir Lancelot became one of the most legendary figures of the "Round Table". Queen Guinevere was his lady when he swore his vows as a knight. Lancelot continued his knight adventures conquering the castle of the "Pitiful Guard" and he disclosed his origins as "Lancelot du Lac", son of the brave and generous king "Ban Benoic", who had fought loyally at the side of king Arthur and had lost his kingdom, sending his son Lancelot in the company of the "Lady of the lake", to be knighted at the court of king Arthur.His love affair with queen Guinevere led him to fight against all the knights of the Round Table who wanted to save their lord's honor. After defeating one by one, Lancelot admitted his disloyalty to the king, going to a monastery to do penance and pay for his misdeed. Before he died, the Lady of the lake came to help him and they both disappeared forever in the lake, thus honoring his name, "Lancelot du Lac".The Sir Lancelot Sword by Marto of Toledo Spain has a tempered steel blade, very large at the base, suddenly narrowing toward the point with a fuller (groove) on each side. The intricately detailed hilt is made in bronze plated metal with brass plated metal decorations. The guard features the Holy Grail shielded between beautiful celtic knot work. A heraldic lion crests the pommel and joins the 24K Gold plated wire wrapped leather hand grip.
Sir Lancelot Sword by Marto of Toledo Spain


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