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Lundy, Isle of Avalon by Les Still ePublished by Mystic Realms

Lundy, Isle of Avalon

 Belenos / Belinos / Beli / Baal

   Lundy, Isle of Avalon         Gods, Saints and Heroes

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"Ours is no sapling, chance sown by the fountain,

Blooming at Beltane in winter to fade;"

Sir Walter Scott; 'Boat Song' from the 'Lady of the Lake.'

There are more surviving inscriptions to Belinos than to any other Celtic God, his name means 'shining' or 'brightly shining. Belinos was worshipped in worshipped in N. Italy, Gaul and Britain. 

'Belinos was equated with Apollo. We have seen reason to believe that he is none other than the Welsh Beli or Belin, father of Avallach. Belin appears in Chretien's 'Erec' as lord of the Otherworld isles of the Antipodes. In the 'Estoire' Belin turns up as Pellean, lord of the plenty- giving Grail' .p.231. Loomis - Celtic Myth etc. 

"Early Welsh Genealogies show us that most of the Early British Monarchies claimed descent in one way or another from Beli Mawr (the Great) who can be identified with the Celtic God, Belenos. However, in his mortal form, Beli was said to have been the husband of Anna, the daughter of St.Joseph of Arimathea."

 Beli Mawr m. Mynogan is equated with Geoffrey's King Heli

"Henry of Huntingdon tells us ( Hist.Angl. I ) that the commander of the British army against the Romans was 'Belinus, the brother of King Cassibelaun, and the son of Lud, a very brave king who had gained possession of many islands of the sea by the success of his arms' " - Bromwich




Belinos gave his name to Beltaine, May Day, a Fire festival marking the coming of summer.  Early Christians gave the festival and the hilltop beacon sites to St. Michael to watch over. As late as the nineteenth century in parts of Scotland this name was used for Whitsunday.



A Sun god, 'Baal of the Phoenicians' is equated, by most authorities, with the Greek God Herakles / Hercules


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