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 The White Isle

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Write to the Russian embassies around the world and tell them that what they have done is wrong  -

'In traversing the Island the visitor is struck by the white glittering appearance of the ground, it being thinly covered in many places with white gravel, composed of cubes or nodules of quartz set free by the decomposition of the granite.'          

  Lundy Island - J. R. Chanter    p.13


Joseph of Arimathea and the White Isle.

Joseph of Arimathea & Nicodemus Joseph of Arimathea in Judea Joseph in the Tin Trade
Joseph's flight from Judea nobilis decurio Joseph of Arimathea In Welsh Legend.
Joseph of Arimathea and the White Isle

Fleeing their homeland to escape persecution from the Romano/Jewish authorities, Joseph and his companions sailed beyond the empire to the White Isle. Joseph also brought with him the Holy Grail

"Joseph and his company prepared their fleet and entered without delay, and did not end their voyage till they reached the land which God had promised to Joseph. The name of the country was the White Isle; well I know that thus it was called. One part belongs to England, which is enclosed and locked by the sea. There they made port and went ashore, built lodges there and whatever else they needed. Two whole years they were there before anyone made war on them or seized a foot of land. But in the third year the people of the country gathered together and made war and often wrought harm. Often they fought and either won or lost. When Joseph was defeated and there was a famine, he prayed to God, his creator, that He would lend him, by His favor, that Grail of which I tell you and in which he had collected the blood. Then he caused a horn to be blown and all went to wash their hands, and seated themselves ceremoniously at the tables. The Grail came at once and served the wine to all and other dishes in great plenty. Thus Joseph preserved the land against his enemies as long as he has life and health." - Perceval


When Joseph and his companions arrived at the White Isle, they found an already established temple to the sun god ( Apollo, Hercules, etc.). Joseph adopted this holy place and  rededicated it to the teaching of Jesus sometime around 33 - 37 AD.


"At the end of his life he prayed God sweetly that He would consent that Joseph's lineage would be rendered illustrious by the Grail. And thus it befell; it is the pure truth. For after his death no man in the world of any age had possession of it unless he was of Joseph's lineage. In truth the Rich Fisher descended from him, and all his heirs and, they say, Guellans Guenelaus and his son Perceval." - Perceval

By the early medieval period the white cliffs of dover had become a national symbol, to an early mediaeval reader the reference to Joseph of Arimathea arriving at the White Isle would have meant England

In all the ancient texts read during the researching of this book, There is something about the use of the word 'white' which denotes a special holiness above and beyond the colour. In the gospels, in Welsh legends the Otherworld has been called GWYNNWESI - 'the WHITE or BLISSFUL ABODE' and 'GWAS GWYN' - THE WHITE MANSION, the mythical abode of the happy dead. 

 Rowenna 'white mane', was the Saxon princess who married Vortigern.

from Essenes to monks to quartz.


White Tower

William the Conqueror

Very soon after the Norman conquest in 1078 Bishop Gundulf, Bishop of Rochester, built the White Tower in London

  Triad 37  tells of the three concealments of the island of Britain; the head of Bran is buried under the white hill in London, facing France, and while it was there no Saxon could invade.

  Triad 37 also tells how Arthur disturbed the head of Bran since he didn't want Britain to be protected by any power but his own.

When William approved the building of the tower he was also symbolising his possession of Arthur's kingdom.

The Tower of London was built 50 years before Geoffrey of Monmouth popularised Arthur.


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