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Lundy, Isle of Avalon by Les Still ePublished by Mystic Realms

Lundy, Isle of Avalon

Caer Sidi

   Lundy, Isle of Avalon         Places

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In his authoritative study 'Celtic Folklore' Professor Rhys writes that in Scotland and in Ireland the words 'sid' or 'sith' refer to faery folk.

 He considers that these words share a common origin in the Latin word 'sedes' meaning 'a seat' or 'settlement,' but that it came to signify an abode of the faery folk. 

 'Caer Sidi' means  'the Fortress of the Faery folk.' 

The first appearance of 'Caer Sidi' in surviving literature occurs in a poem in the Book of Taliesin, where the author says ;-

"Perfect is my seat in Caer Sidi (Faery Fortress).

Neither plague nor age harms him who dwells within.

Manawydan and Pryderi know it.

Three organs play before it about a fire.

And around it's corners are ocean's currents.

Above it the fertile fountain,

And sweeter than white wine is the drink therein."

"Perfect was the prison of Gweir in the Faery Fortress (Caer Sidi);

Before the spoils of Annwn dolefully he chanted...

In the Four-cornered Fortress, the isle of the strong door,...

Bright wine was their drink before their retinue...

It was difficult to converse with their sentinel. - Taliesin, The Spoils of Annwn

This fortress is on an island in the sea, there is a special fountain and time passes slowly. Caer Sidi is  the archetypal Celtic Otherworld.

'Caer Sidi has been identified with Puffin Island off the coast of Anglesey and with Lundy Island in the Severn; both of them island elysiums of the usual type.' - Robert Graves, The White Goddess, p.101.


Graves also equates Caer Sidi with Caer Arianrhod


Mediterranean Connection?

( email from Andrew Siddle )

"The name "Sidi" is currently in use in the Brahmanistic Muslim faith in places such as Egypt and means a scholar, academic,  and/or spiritual supervisor. In ancient prehistoric Egypt before the invention of the Muslim faith people who were described as the "Sidi" were the academic scholars and advisors who were employed within the magi (or pre-historic civil service of Egypt who were in service to the pharaoh)."

"When pre-historic Egypt started to break up into smaller countries the original Sidis became under kings in their own right."


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