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Exploded view illustration of a Roman Helmet - airbrush by Les Still The Roman Conquest of Britain - In 43 AD the Emperor Claudius despatched Aulus Plautius with four legions, the IInd Augusta, the XIVth Gemina, the XXth Valeria and the IXth Hispana, and an equal number of auxiliaries to invade and conquer Britain.  Little realising that on this island Roman traditions and values would be preserved long after the rest of the empire, indeed even the eternal city, Rome, had succumbed to the barbarians...... Read More
Rebellion of the Silures against the Romans - In AD 47 trouble developed on the Roman frontier with the Silures in South Wales; and in response the Romans constructed a fortress beside the Severn, at Kingsholm, Gloucester; from where an invasion of the Silurian territory was launched in 50 AD. The Silurian armies were led by Caratacus (British - Caradoc), a Belgic prince, whose homeland lay to the east. Caratacus is believed to have led the British fleet against the Romans in the Channel..........Read More

The Boudiccan Revolt against the Romans - In AD59-60 the Roman military governor of Britain, Suetonius Paulinus, led two legions across North Wales and massacred the druidic sanctuary on Anglesey. At around the same time the Romans decided to annex the kingdom of the Iceni on the death of it's ruler, Prasutagus. Brutality against his widow, queen Boudicca, incited the whole region to rise in revolt, soon to be joined by the neighbouring tribes, the Trinovantes and others. .......Read More


The Jewish Revolt against the Romans - " The Jewish revolt of 66 AD., which had its culmination four years later in the sacking of Jerusalem, the burning of its Temple, and the widespread extermination and humiliation of the Jewish people. As is historically well attested, in 70 AD. the Roman general Titus returned in triumph to Rome, parading through the streets such Jewish treasures as the 'menorah' (the huge seven-branched candelabrum of the Temple), and enacting tableaux demonstrating how he and his armies had overcome savage, ill-advised resistance from this renegade group of the Empire's subjects, many of whom he had to crucify wholesale...... Read More


Vespasian - The future Emperor Titus Flavius Sabinus Vespasianus was born near Rome in 9 AD. He was the commander of the Second Augusta Legion during their victorious advance across Southern Britain from Kent to Exeter. After leading the Second Augusta Legion during the conquest of Britain he was made consul in 51 AD.......Read More


The Roman Fleet - Roman fleets operated under the control of the army. The principle role of the fleet was transport of men and supplies in support of the army. Roman fleets comprised both oared galley warships and sail powered merchantmen....... Read More


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