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Templar Castles

When he was not on Crusade, or on some other mission for the Order, a
Templar knight generally lived in a place called a commandery or preceptory.
This was a complex of buildings that formed a small Templar city, often built
around a military stronghold that had either been built by the knights or
been given over to them to guard.
The usage of both of these terms interchangeably emphasizes two of the purposes
of the Templar stronghold. As a commandery, it was the military outpost
for the Latin States (the nations founded in the Holy Land by the
Crusading powers), as well as an armory and a defensive stronghold. The
word preceptory implies one of its other duties, which was as a school, a
place to train new recruits for the Order.

At the height of their power, the huge tracts of land held by the Templars in
major European cities like London or Paris was nothing short of astonishing.
They were self-contained communities within already established cities, with
their own local government, municipal infrastructure, law-enforcement, treasury,
building and maintenance crews, and food supply.
 -  from 'The Templar Code for Dummies.'



Low Countries

The Templars were granted property in western Europe following their foundation around 1119. Templar brethren were active (perhaps itinerant at first) in Flanders possibly from 1125. Many of the earliest Templars came from a limited area of the kingdom of France and were connected to
one another by birth or other ties. Among the earliest was Godfrey of Saint-Omer. In 1127 Hugh of Payns, master of the Templars, was sent by Baldwin II of Jerusalem to the West to mount a new crusade. He can be found in witness lists to grants of land and rights to the Templars in Anjou, Flanders, and Champagne. It is clear that Hugh’s presence in Flanders stimulated the crusading spirit there. The Temple had some early houses in Flanders: Ypres (1131), La
Haie les Lilles (1134/1136), and Slijpe (1137), but the greatest expansion of the order in Flanders took place around 1200 with the acquisition of properties in Caestre (1183–1201), Cobrieux (1192), Ghent (1200), and Bruges (1202). In Flanders and Tournai the Templars were stronger than in the other territories of the Low Countries. It is difficult to establish an organizational structure for the Templars in the Low Countries. During the twelfth and thirteenth centuries four bailiwicks were created for Flanders, Hainaut, Brabant, and Haspengouw (grouping houses in Ličge, Namur, Loon, and Luxembourg). - The Crusades; An Encyclopaedia


Holy Roman Empire

In Germany and Lorraine, which was part of Germany at this time, the Templars were quickly exonerated of all wrongdoing. Many ex-members of the now suppressed Order of the Temple joined either the Teutonic Order or the Order of St. John (Hospitallers ). The rest faded quietly into other lives.

Bohemia and Moravia

During the 1230s and later, the Templars obtained houses in Prague itself and in the nearby village of Uhríneves. In Moravia they were given the castle of Cejkovice and the large estate of Jamolice, where they built the castle of Tempelstejn. Between 1297 and 1308, the Templars colonized newly acquired territories around the River Becva and near Vsetín on the border with Hungary, where they built the castle of Freundsberg. - The Crusades; An Encyclopedia

The Iberian Peninsula - Spain

The Iberian Peninsula - Portugal

Britain - England: The Peasants' Rebellion

Britain - Scotland: Bannockburn and The Scots Guard


After the fall of Acre to the Mameluke Sultan of Egypt in 1291, the Templars set up a new headquarters at Limassol on the island of Cyprus, with hopes of inaugurating a new crusade.





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