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The Secret of the Knights Templar

The Modern Merovingian Connection

Napoleon Bonaparte

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The Modern Merovingian Connection

Napoleon Bonaparte

"Sion appears to have been at the nexus of two French anti-monarchical movements, the Compagnie du St.-Sacrament of the 17th century (acting on behalf on the Guise-Lorraine families) and the Fronde of the 18th, as well as an attempt to make the Hapsburgs emperors of all Europe in the 19th- the Hieron du Val d'Or." - Steve Mizrach, "The Mysteries of Rennes-le-Chateau and the Prieure du Sion"

"...In 1740, the Grand Master of the Order of Malta caused the Bull of Pope Clement XII, to be published in that island, and forbade the meetings of the Freemasons. On this occasion several Knights and many citizens left the island; and in 1741, the Inquisition persecuted the Freemasons at Malta. The Grand Master proscribed their assemblies under severe penalties, and six Knights were banished from the island in perpetuity for having assisted at a meeting." - Commander Gourdin (from A Sketch of the Knight Templars and the Knights of St. John of Jerusalem by Richard Woof)

"In 1796 Napoleon was one of three revolutionary 'Directors' heading the government. Another 'Director' was Abbe Sieyes, who knew of certain genealogical researches that had been undertaken by one Abbe Pichon. Pichon had access to the royal archives captured by the revolutionary government, where some important genealogies had been hidden away, and he discovered that a direct descent from Dagobert II had been maintained up to then." "...Abbe Seiyes urged Napoleon to marry Josephine Beauhamais because she was a Merovingian descendant, and to adopt her two children by a previous marriage who were of this anciently royal stock." In 1798 "on the way to Egypt, Bonaparte detoured to capture Malta and the treasure held by the Knights of Malta." - Michael Bradley, Holy Grail Across the Atlantic

"It was fortunate for the French that there was little fight left in the Knights of St. John...the last Grand Master, the apathetic von Hompesch, made only a show of resistance before accepting Bonaparte's terms...For the cost of three men killed, the French secured an invaluable naval base and a great deal of treasure..." "Over the five days following the island's capture, Bonaparte tore apart and refashioned every aspect of Maltese life. The Order of St. John was abolished and its members departed, apart from a handful who were persuaded to join the Army of Egypt...The treasures of the Order, amassed over 500 years, were promptly sequestered... and seven million francs' worth was diverted to the military chest." - David G. Chandler, The Campaigns of Napoleon

"...At his coronation as Emperor in 1804 he adorned his imperial robe with the gold bee figurines which had been discovered in the tomb of Childeric I, father of Clovis. Napoleon styled himself Emperor of the Franks, not 'Emperor of the French'..." - Michael Bradley, Holy Grail Across the Atlantic

A clue to the gold bee figurines on Napoleon's imperial robe may be the Sarmoung Society.





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