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  Hartland Point

Hartland Point, Devon, England - Photographic Print

Writing in the second century the geographer Ptolemy referred to Hartland Point as 'Heracles Promontory'. He also mentions under the name of 'Heraclea', an island corresponding to Lundy.


The derivation of 'Hartland' 

In no manner is the derivation of Hartland clear.

 Lundy island and Hartland ( the two northern 'Columns of Hercules') could both be derived from the same word meaning 'sacred grove.'

 to Alfred the Great it meant the Heart of Arthur's Britain. 


St.Nectan's Church, Stoke.

The stained glass window in the North aisle of Hartland Church perpetuates the tradition that Hartland was the centre of King Arthur's Britain.

'In the North aisle the three windows...with three great kings connected with Hartland. Hartland the centre of Arthurian England - Arthur the Briton, Alfred & William the Conqueror.' from 'A visit to Hartland church'

"Hartland (Heortigtun) formed part of the royal property bequeathed by King Alfred the Great to his son Edward."  (Pearse-Chope, Trans. 1902.).


Chapels around Hartland


St.Anthony -Harton

St.Leonard - Newton ( site of the original church)

Holy Cross - Clifford(Woolsery)

Holy Cross - Southcote(South Hole)

St.Mary - Firebeacon

St.James - Milford

St.James - Exmansworthy

St.Wenn - Cheristowe

St.Martin - Meddon

St.Michael - Kernstone

St.John - Long Furlong

from 'Ch.of N.Devon.

Chapels-St.Heligan-South Hole(Holy Well)

St.Clare - Philham +Well

St.James - Higher Velly

St.Nectan - Welcombe +Well

Also the probability of a St.Catherine's chapel on St.Catherine's Tor.

from 'Chapels of N.Devon.'

Hartland Abbey. originally a celtic monastery, became an Augustinian priory around 1159-71.  

It was suppressed in 1539


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