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Among others  Robert Graves in  The White Goddess interprets the name of the Celtic otherworldly god Bran as meaning 'Crow' or 'Raven'.

'Bran'- 'raven' occurs frequently in Welsh poetry as an epithet for a warrior .

In the 'Dream of Rhonabwy' from the Mabinogion Arthur, again associated with Cornwall, plays a board game against Owain ap Urien while his men fight Owain's ravens ('branhes'). 

Owain's ravens (warriors) are also referred to in the' Lady of the Fountain.'

Corbenic  - the grail castle - may be derived from the french for crow or raven  -  'corbin'

'"Have not your worships," replied Don Quixote, "read the annals and histories of England, in which are recorded the famous deeds of King Arthur, whom we in our popular Castilian invariably call King Artus, with regard to whom it is an ancient tradition, and commonly received all over that kingdom of Great Britain, that this king did not die, but was changed by magic art into a raven, and that in process of time he is to return to reign and recover his kingdom and sceptre; for which reason it cannot be proved that from that time to this any Englishman ever killed a raven?' 

- Cervantes, Don Quixote

The Raven - Edgar Allen Poe


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